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The Beautiful Mistake

Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn

The Militia Group

A surprisingly good, intense, emo-driven album from The Beautiful Mistake, overflowing with creative inventiveness and excellent, tightly energetic performances. An effective blend of growling and “regular” vocals only serves to underline the musical diversity on display here, with the band adding everything from hardcore to glossy indie to their emo mix. The brilliant punk of “Stabbing Backwards” nestles comfortably next to a sweeping “Circular Paradise,” and the widescreen emo of “Lancaster, PA” is immediately and effectively followed by the huge mid-tempo rock of “Narnia Analogy.”

However, The Beautiful Mistake may have taken on board one style too many, and the songwriting isn’t always equally sharp. Despite their willingness and ability to experiment and open up to all and everything, they seem unsure of which direction to take, and several of the songs on here are too anonymous and unfocused to ever measure up to the album’s finest moments. Still, a brave and original approach from The Beautiful Mistake, who should be able to come up with something truly astounding once they fully decide just what they’re about and what they’re trying to convey with their music.

The Militia Group:

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