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Jennie Bomb


A surprisingly strong second album, this, from the Swedish female quartet that gave us 1999’s C’mon Let’s Pretend. Where that fine album showed a band fundamentally grounded in the sing-along punk of Blondie and with a feel for The Pretenders’ melodic cleverness, Jennie Bomb moves beyond those ever-present influences while still retaining the spirit of 1981. In essence, this is melodic and fierce punk, delivered with a sense of urgency and presence, proud anthem-punk for the kids. “On Top of Your World” is a brilliant slab of call-to-arms power-pop, “Fire Alarm” is shimmering perfection, while the great “Down And Out” proves that the girls know when to hold back and when not to. A diverse and wildly all-encompassing release, every song is punk at heart, all hook-ridden and distinct melodies delivered with irresistible charm and an honest, tense force. A beautiful and engaging album.

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