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Safety In Numbers

Build And Structure

Triple Crown

Safety In Numbers play melodic emo-core, very reminiscent of Lousville’s Elliot. The band features members of Hot Rod Circuit and New Amsterdams, and elements of both are present. Build And Structure is listed as just a side project on the Triple Crown Records Web site, so I don’t know if this will be the one and only release from these guys. Anyway…

Build And Structure is actually and truthfully more enjoyable and entertaining than anything that I’ve ever heard from HRC or New Amsterdams! Most of the songs are mid-paced and melodic, with swaying drums and abrasive guitars. The vocals are the high part of Safety In Numbers; the main vocalist here reminds me of the guitar player from Jawbox (not J. Robbins) that sang on a few songs here and there. His voice is absolutely perfect for this kind of music.

The lyrics for this album weren’t included, but from what I could tell, they’re very e-m-o. Who cares that emo is so overplayed, when it’s done well it’s still a cool genre of punk rock. The way that Saftey In Numbers deliver their angular poppy songs is really great, and when I listen to Build And Structure, I forget how many bands have tried to sound like this, only to come up short. Heavy with rock, heavy with emotion, and very pop song structures = a nearly perfect postpunk/emocore record. This one is a keeper.

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