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Aggressive post-hardcore from another bunch of middle class art-school Brits, endorsed by John Peel and regularly lumped together with far more original and challenging bands like mclusky and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. They’re all very cool people, assumedly, but let’s not hold that against them. Riding high on a wave of garage retro, courtesy of The Strokes and The Hives, Ikara Colt deliver their rock with a boastful swagger but still fail to generate too much excitement. They do have some good things going on, mind, and both Paul Resende’s deadpan vocals and Claire Ingram’s brilliant guitar playing and awesome backing/contra vocals add to the tense excitement of their finest moments. The pounding “At The Lodge” and the hysterical, driven “Pop Group” are both great tracks, and despite its lame title, “May B 1 Day” is great as well, all churning and angular electro-punk. However, they seem to favor style over substance ever so often, with songs offering little in the way of neither resistance nor excitement, and just the dull comfort of, precisely, The Strokes.

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