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Private Lines EP


With Chicago’s alt-country wiz kid Brian Deck producing, Manishevitz’s first sign of life since their two-year-old sophomore album Rollover is destined to be a good one. Expanding upon their retro psych-rock, Private Lines sees Manishevitz expanding their music in every direction from mod to trash-pop, with detectable influences ranging from The Kinks and The Doors to Elvis Costello and The Jam, from The Cure to The Apples in Stereo. The opening “Back in the Day” is a fantastic slab of swirling sunshine pop, while the title track glances towards post-punk angst and some plain old twisted hilarity. A lengthy take on Roxy Music’s “2.H.B.” proves to be a surprise highlight, twisting the song into unknown head-in-the-clouds territory. A brilliant new release from Adam Busch and friends, and a forthcoming full-length is eagerly anticipated.

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