Call And Response

Kill Rock Stars

This is a tasty little appetizer from Olympia, Washington’s Bangs. Six tracks ranging from the shouty punk of the title track to the metalesque riff of “I Want More,” Call And Response is satisfying precursor to the band’s third full-length offering on Kill Rock Stars, due in January 2003. Enjoyable enough on the first listening, Call And Response seems to grow on you with each repeated play. My favorite track, “Dirty Knives,” snags a bit of the “Paranoid” riff from Black Sabbath to bemoan about the secrets one may keep. The title track is tough and aggressive, and I find myself shouting along while “Kinda Good” is more subdued but no less engaging. “New Scars,” “I Want More,” and “Leave It Behind” round out the EP with more hard-hitting shout-alongs and high energy guitars.

So, is it January yet?

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