Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet

Livin’ In Strut

On/On Switch

This trio brings punk to a new level — one notch below that of punk past. There are frequent instrumental sections on the album, and the final track is even completely instrumental. This is a mistake for most punk bands, and Crimson Sweet is no exception. When the all-too-sparse lyrics do make appearances, they are uninspired and of little interest. “I Want to Live” provides an especially disappointing set when it proclaim, “I wanna live/ so you will die.” Although the first track, “Hello New York” also is no revolutionary poetry, it is less repetitive and bears a more memorable melody. It is just better than bearable. Overall, the sound and chord progressions of the band are nothing that hasn’t been done before.

Another issue of originality should be raised over the band’s apparent obsession with bullet belts. It’s not starting any new trend in punk fashion to print bullet belts inside the CD sleeve or as the menu bar on the Web site.

But perhaps you’re not looking for something new. If you’re looking for more of the good old angst-driven, energetic punk rock, then Crimson Sweet might be for you. Polly Watson’s vocals float and crack above the distorted guitar. Her vocals are nicely complimented by the uncredited male back-up vocals.

But no matter what, the last track is a huge disappointment. With a name like “Sad Walk at Knifepoint,” I was hoping for much more than a punk trio, admittedly untrained on their instruments, playing a mellow instrumental.

This album should be taken for what it’s worth: not much.

Crimson Sweet:

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