E.G. Daily

E.G. Daily

Tearing Down the Walls

Tommy T

You’re not going to find the word “pleasant” in a lot of music reviews these days, which I guess is a good thing overall. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with a record sounding pleasant, as long as there’s something to it. Some listeners might not find much to E.G. Daily’s latest LP, but I found myself getting unexpectedly moved by her obvious sincerity and the power of her voice, which is a formidable weapon indeed.

Yes, her lyrics are packed with cliches; light is always “shining in” and she offers to “heal your wings / help you fly.” And yes, this is L.A. pop all the way, with every sound perfect and gleaming, and every rough edge sanded down. But Daily’s voice is so real with truth and yearning that these things almost don’t matter — sometimes cliches ring true. And some of these songs are almost too honest. “I Can’t Wait” talks about not letting other people hold you back and seems wrenched from her heart, and “Here It Goes Again” presages the end of a loving relationship in very concrete terms: “I paint my face / Do a little dance for you / Cause I can’t let you know / You’re tearin’ me apart.” When she discusses her own insecurities and fears on songs like “Someday” and “Keep It Together,” your heart goes out to her, hoping that she will learn to keep the monsters in their place once and for all. (I could have done without the last song, which tells the story of the Virgin Mary in her own words, but there you have it. It’s the only blatantly Christian song on the record, and it’s got a pretty melody.)

This is just a very nice singer-songwriter pop record. It’s not cutting-edge or avant-anything; the only boundaries it pushes are emotional ones. If you hate that idea, okay then. If you’re a little intrigued, take a chance.

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