Glücklich V

Glücklich V

Compiled by Rainer Trüby


Anyone who recognizes the name “Rainer Trüby” or perhaps, by extension, The Trüby Trio, knows exactly what to expect here. For the rest, let’s just say that this is the fifth disc reflecting Trüby’s interest in things Brazilian, jazzy, loungey and sort of (but not too) dancey. Oh, I know, these are all lame adjectives, and don’t adequately describe Trüby’s uniquely personal synthesis of all the above elements, but it’s really all I’ve got. What is unique about the Trüby Trio is that its music holds an internal analog consistency that is hard to find among digital acts these days — while moods, tempos and samples may vary widely from song to song, the material is generally identifiable as Trüby’s.

Glücklich V offers some insight into the inspirations (both historical and contemporary) that have shaped this sound — the subtitle for the collection is ostensibly “A Collection of Brazillian Flavours from the Past and the Present.” Acts from both sides of the Atlantic have their say. Highlights (for me) include Aquarius U Luiz Antonio’s “Agua De Beber” and Montefiori Cocktail’s “Gypsy Woman,” both of which take on familiar songs into Trübyland. Exclusive tracks from Spain’s Wagon Cookin’, Nu Tropic and more make this more than just a dip-your-toe-in-the-warm-waters selection. Perfect for that smoky tropical feeling.

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