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Maximillian Colby was a relatively obscure band in their heyday (early ’90s). It’s really too bad that they didn’t receive the recognition that did many of the other bands in the “spastic/ cathartic screamo” genre. The folks at Lovitt records have done a great service in rereleasing the work of Max. Colby, as one unit; it shows the work of a truly destructive and powerful band.

Maximillian Colby sounds like the best parts of several bands, rolled into one fantastic log. Take the math rock sensibilities of Slint and Rodan, the spastic singing delivery of Justin Trosper on early Unwound records, the overdriven bass guitars of Spanakorzo and Swing Kids, and the purely chaotic delivery of legions of bands who writhed on the floor in agony, back in the early 1990s (Shale from Pittsburg being one of my personal faves!). Maximillian Colby’s music is all of this, and more.

This music on this discography is truly incredible, in that ten years after the fact, these songs are still more terrifying and intimidating than the majority of “punk rock” bands around today. The music is truly timeless, in that there will probably never be a time when the 16 tracks on this album sound stale.

I personally enjoy the artwork on this comp quite a bit. The front cover is a very simple design, a brownish background with a black peg of some sort, outlined in white, with the album’s title above it in white; simple, but pleasing to the eye. Also of note is the really cool band photo underneath the disc tray; it shows an accurate picture of “the look” of early ’90s spazzcore bands: normal haircuts, old man plaid button up shirts, and not a hint of pretension on the faces of the band. Awesome!

The early ’90s were a wonderful time for punk rock. Gravity Records and company were releasing some crazy/ brutal stuff that spread across the country and formed a style of music that will be copied, inaccurately for the most part, for quite some time to come. I’d be willing to bet that Maximillian Colby influenced many a band in their day. The songs on Discography will serve as an ample tribute to a band overlooked in their time, now being paid homage for kicking so much booty while they were around. For anyone who remembers the days of chaos and brutality of yore, do not pass this one up. For those looking for something incredibly intimidating, seriously, give this a try; these guys were really good, and pretty insane!

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