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The Mighty Rime

The Mighty Rime


The Mighty Rime is Kerry from Christie Front Drive, one of the greatest melodic postpunk/emo bands to have ever existed. They were around in the early- and mid-‘90s, and they were far better than the juggernauts of that time (see Sunny Day Real Estate, Boys Life, Mineral). The Mighty Rime is a departure from that style of music.

The songs on The Mighty Rime are split about half and half, acoustic and electric. The electric songs are big and powerful indie pop rockers; “Loot’n n’ Shoot’n” features enormous drums, distorted and ringy bass, and overdriven guitars, which come together to produce a sound similar to Pinkerton-era Weezer crossed with What’s the Story, Morning Glory?-era Oasis. “Broke Baroque” rocks in similar fashion, with ever more emphasis on the bass.

The acoustic songs are well structured and delivered, featuring guitar and vocals as the minimum on all acoustic tracks. Kerry’s voice sounds strangely like the lead singer of The Flaming Lips, making for a weird combination; imagine acoustic Flaming Lips, written by more straightforward songwriters.

The Mighty Rime is very unlike the CFD stuff, so if you were hoping for more melodic/artsy emo, sorry. The album is good, however, and is definitely worth a listen.

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