Priscilla Ederle

Priscilla Ederle

The Diamond Fields


The second album from San Francisco-resident Priscilla Ederle is a sweet and unassuming affair, folksy and mellow, charming yet somewhat predictable. Several of the tracks on here fail to make much of a lasting impression, but there is no doubt that Ederle is a good songwriter and a splendid performer and vocalist. On the fine opening track “Invisible” she comes across like latter-day Liz Phair meeting Chrissie Hynde, which is a pretty brilliant combination. Elsewhere there is the Elvis Costello-referencing “The Story of Allison” and the captivating “Into Your Grave” to make this more than worth picking up for fans of open-mic singer/songwriter pop. A promising album from an honest and mature artist.

Priscilla Ederle:

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