Mood Music For Saturdays After Dark


It’s a grey haze of an October day with the chill air freezing the life out of the leaves, and, even though it’s actually lundi, Samedi is the perfect companion to pull your gloom away from the ledge. Water has added splashes of nu jazz to their latest chill session, and it works to the utmost. With lush chords, jazzed beats, and compelling constructions, this disc is what cool jazz stations should be: cool.

St. Germain’s “Forget It” takes a familiar hip-hop beat and layers deep blue chords and an ethereal muted trumpet with utter skill and sophistication. Dining Rooms’ “Invocation” is a percussion powerhouse that rides you like a possessed horse. Mr. Untel offers up a deep groove with a dash of smarmy ’60s lounge charm and a heap of Latin flare with “Et Bien N’est Ce Pas.” Digital Jockey’s “Affirmation” is a dreamy mid-tempo house cut with angels ringing in your ear. TVS, on the other hand, plunges you, soul-deep, into hypnotic bliss with his dubbed-out “Weekend Steppa.” And with other icy jazz cuts by Indica, Tosca, Spylab, and BPM, Samedi is the hot merde for those who like a little jazz in their chill.

Water Music:

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