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Force Inc.

In an era where computer programmers create the most interesting electronic music, it’s no surprise that folks like Sutekh prosper and capitalize on all the digital glory. Underneath the abrasive effects and sparring tonalities on Incest is a pulsating beat that turns glitch into itch and renders somewhat of a soul to the mechanic infrastructure.

Sure, these guys may be geeks at heart, but there is a certain perverse nature to their music which makes it all the more endearing. Traditional structures are discarded in favor of shapeshifting experimental sounds and an unyielding straight beat. IDM is too ridiculous of a term, but if one were so inclined to tag this record with a label, that one might be the ticket. Culled from various improv performances over a three-year period, Sutekh’s presentation is nothing short of minimalism gone splendidly awry. Like Plastikman only with less inclination towards monotony, Sutekh provides enough twists and turns – albeit in a focused environment – to keep the heads bobbing throughout this 45-minute set.

Force Inc.:

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