Quite a surprise, this. Swirling fuzz-pop and slightly psychedelic power-pop go nicely together on this debut EP from Sona. The lovely “Birdsong” kicks things off, a loose rocking track where the entire band somehow blends together to create a stunning wall of psych-rock, and the fine “So It Goes” and a jangly, sweet “For Now” follow suit. Both “Supernova” and “Wake Up,” on the other side, are more than a little reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots, which is a fairly sympathetic influence. Unassuming and friendly, Sona doesn’t exactly shove their greatness in your face, but their songs modestly sneak up on you and draw you in with feel-good power hooks and nice melodic touches. Definitely worth checking out for those with a heart for up-and-about fuzz-pop.


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