Soul Obsession

Soul Obsession

Various Artists

Good Looking

First there was the Addiction and now comes the Obsession. Whatever it is, the folks at Good Looking are just like the Boorman 6 Girl: they have got to have soul. Their new fixation with the Groove is just as soulful and smooth as its predecessor, culling a warm, silky eroticism from the arhythmic-est of stiffs. This is a late-night chill session with real muscle, strong teeth, and a funky feeling all throughout. Absent is that milquetoast drone that fills most chill-out compilations that lulls you into a false sense of cool and ultimately has the drool running down your sleeping face. With some fantastic songs by Quintet Plays, Hand Polished, Nookie, Cadien, and Vincent, one is treated to an Eros groove smothered in Courvoisier and hypnotic bass lines. Soul Obsession is for those of you out there who need muscle and vitality even when you’re cooling out. For those who like to funk, Soul Obsession salutes you.

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