Utterly bland, generic MTV rock, produced by Butch Walker, formerly of The Marvelous 3, sounding not unlike about 2,873 other records (I counted…). So, why get this one instead of another Green Day CD? Well, the guys are cute, and are on TRL, right? Fair enough, buy it. Musically this does sound a lot like Green Day, Silverchair, yadda yadda, poppy little songs about girls and what they can do for the singer. Occasionally the lyrics get rude — ’cause they are street, ya know (“She Was Dead” is a good example) — but it’s nothing new to be heard on this sophomore release from SR-71. The Buzzcocks did all this stuff as well as it could be done before these kids were born, so really, it’s only down to how nice they look in a video. Put another way: if these guys weighed 300 pounds and had mullets, would they be famous?


Every town of any size has a half-dozen bands like this, and its just a combination of good looks, work ethic, and payoff money as to which one of them get the moola, and which ones stay working on a landscape crew. It’s got nothing to do with talent, or lack thereof, just a matter of timing. When the first person listed in the credits on this advance CD is the “A+R” (artist and repertoire, the person in charge of getting a band signed and serviced) guy, you know the band understands who holds the feedbag, and intelligently gives ’em the props. Whatever. If your description of why you like this band includes the word “cute,” then you are no different from your mother and her affection for Barry Manilow. Think about it.

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