I must say that Stavesacre is about 1,000,000 times better than any of their Nitro records labelmates. I’m sure that I could get dirty looks for saying that Stavesacre is better than A.F.I., but Stavesacre has way more integrity and emotion than Davey & co. have ever had. I think Nitro has finally gotten themselves a real winner with Stavesacre; it could go down as the record that rescues Nitro from self parody.

I’ve never been able to listen to anything from Nitro without a smirk on my face, knowing that Dexter from The Offspring just keeps getting richer and richer off of these second rate punk rock outfits. The thing is, I don’t mind giving him my money, if the music will be of the quality that is Stavesacre. The songs are relentless, determined, and emotionally draining the entire way through. The guitars rise and fall melodically in the manner and precision of Samiam. What makes Stavesacre stand out from the melodic hardcore crowd would be there enormous breadth of low end power! The bass guitar is huge on this record, and the guitars themselves appear to have the bass turned up. Whatever the case, the album is very stacked in the low end department.

The songs here progress with intensity and emotion in an honest and powerful way. I can honestly say that Stavesacre is one of the top 10 records, of any genre, that has been released in 2002.

Nitro Records:

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