Tadd Mullinix

Tadd Mullinix


Ghostly International

Returning to his glitch-driven roots after his great, hip-hopish Dabrye project, Tadd Mullinix welcomes hints of dub, submerged samples and exotic undertones that border on psychedelic. Much akin to Kit Clayton or some of Coil’s less-structured, dark ambient adventures, Panes is an EP that concentrates more on the storm than the calm before it. Breakbeats are present, but stumbling and secondary to the stabs of synth noises, caterwauling electro and sinister drones on each of the six tracks. Upbeat isn’t the word on the street with this record, but intriguing might be. Although IDM to me is a dead label, the vast field of experimental electronics is alive and well on this mysterious, but excellent release.

Ghostly International: http://www.ghostly.com

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