Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic

We’re All Doomed


Toxic Narcotic have been purveyors of aggressive, passionate hardcore for well over a decade now, but this is their first generally available studio album and it’s a must-have for anyone even remotely interested in punk rock with a cause. What may seem like a series of in your face nihilistic anthems are rather call to arms hardcore, taking action against society’s greed and indifference, music that’s intent on waking you up and forcing you into choosing sides. “We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy” isn’t only one of this year’s best song titles, it’s also a great track laying out of Toxic Narcotic’s main reason for being — how can you be happy when people all over the world are dying from hunger and when we are killing nature for profit? Don’t you care?

Well-directed anger and hardcore passion aside, this is also a hugely entertaining and hilarious album, spitting venom over all and everything. “Why am I so full of hate, you need to ask? Everyone from my town Boston, Mass is full of fuckin’ assholes,” goes the appropriately titled “Asshole,” while “I’m So Thirsty” offers a more pragmatic outlook on slacker life: “I walk to my beer, cause my beer don’t walk to me.” An album’s worth of brutal hardcore that you just don’t want to miss out on. Pick this one up before you go looking for their 1989-1999 comp of rare and unavailable material. You’ll need them both.

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