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Jessica Weiser

After Silence

Dancing Dragon

What may seem like an album of inconsequential and bland folk pop – yeah, there’s quite a few of them out these days – proves to be a crafted and thoughtful collection of songs that just need a second chance to really grab you by the throat and make a stunning impression on you. This album really is so unassuming it’s hard to actually grasp the great moments even as you encounter them. “Indifference” is the sound of Edie Brickell meeting Morrissey, “After The Rain” is pounding beauty on tape, and Weiser even does a great version of Neil Young’s “Distant Camera,” from Young’s less than impressive Silver & Gold album.

It may serve Weiser well to shake things up a bit in the studio next time around, though, as she does tend to sound a bit more safe and comfortable than her songs actually indicate her to be. But as for now, After Silence is the sound of a truly gifted songwriter and performer coming of age. Let’s not be too greedy.

Jessica Weiser:

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