Velvet Brick


Axel F., your Delorean awaits. Jan Hammer, come quick! Someone stole your synthesizers. Beat that street, krush that groove. Pop and lock, let that body rock! I wonder if you take this home, would you still be in love with the ’80s, baby.

Put on your penny loafers, pastels, paisleys, and forget your socks. You’re going back to the fu… ’80s with Velvet Brick. It’s a Max Headroom nightmare of a ride, which makes you wonder why your folks voted for Reagan, why a group named Toto won more Grammys than Prince, and why did anyone invent the synthesizer. Oh yeah, we should never forget our past, but, damnit, there are some things we should not be doomed to repeat either. Where’s the beef?

Oh, there are too many to list. OK, sure, “A Playground Called Life” is catchy in a Fraggle Rock kind of way, but, please, will someone remember that the first wave of MTV-generated music was a cancer on the populace (OK, ’70s reference) that should forever be excised from our brains — even if it takes chemo to do it.

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