Burning Brides

Burning Brides

Fall of the Plastic Empire


Another bubbling hype here, but this time we media people may be on to something. A round of applause, yes? Thank you, kids. Burning Brides spread their feel-good rawk via determined punk rock, handclaps, boastful prancing and gorgeous melodies. Imagine a crossbreed of the Posies and Nirvana and you’re just about there — just check out the awesome “Arctic Snow,” the splendid punk of “Glass Slipper,” or the furious stoner-infused hard psych-rock that is “Plastic Empire.”

While this album didn’t do much upon its initial release early last year, it could still reach much farther this time around. With Richard Branson’s mighty V2 label behind it, it should get the promotion and distribution it so richly deserves. In a year that has seen way too many poser-garage bands hailed as the next big thing, it’s a delight to finally get half an hour of plain heart-stabbingly beautiful rawk with an attitude and a sense of purpose. Shame about the name, then, but no one’s perfect.

V2 Records: http://www.v2music.com

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