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Cass is that special kind of aficionado — you know that guy, probably are that guy — who knows way too much about music, has really strong opinions about music, and has to expose you to both the opinions and the tunes until you’re a convert (like me, like the guy who recently professed that Bob Marley’s work with Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters was worlds better than anything he did solo — anyway). He is an artist who’s more Public Enemy than the O’Jays; he gives people what they need as opposed to what they want. So, if you’re looking for that facile dance craze, Interpretations is not for you. Instead of coming at you with 4/4 anthems that are guaranteed to make you dance and sing along, Cass brings a collage of a lot of good music that’s unlike most of your double-CD dance mixes. The man goes deep, progressive, techy, and sometimes downright weird. While not everything works, there’s some really good stuff by Jeff Sharel, Bushwacka!, Lee Burridge, Tom Mangan, Dark Globe, Hairy Butter, Si Brad, and Ernest Saint Laurent. These are discs that will ultimately get you moving. Not that prime time beat banger in your hypest club, Interpretations is more of an underground spot replete with the trendset. A Das Kapital of dance, many folks out there will have to study Cass’s work to understand its depth and power.

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