DJ? Acucrack

DJ? Acucrack

The Dope King

Crack Nation

Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy are back with their fourth album, The Dope King, a hyperbolic nightmare with beats that break spines and crack skulls. A true post-industrial drum n’ bass nightmare, this syncopated holocaust would have Burroughs screaming in utter horror. Imagine the noir dancefloor of Blade Runner just before the bomb is about to drop. Hedonism, flesh-eating orgies of pure euphoria, this is the prefect soundtrack for the apocalypse. Their unrelenting beat and ghastly melodies pop rockets and specters off in your brain. Ecstasy? Hell? The frenzy never relents. You can’t figure it out. Your brains are scrambled all over the dancefloor, trampled to muck by all the raving revelers.

DJ? Acucrack:

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