Earl Slick Band

Earl Slick Band

Slick Trax

Metal Blade

Get out the polyester and get that hair feathered, because this is totally ’70s power rock! From the enormous and powerful kick drum to the muddy-distorted guitars to the grainy bass guitar, this is what rockin’ was all about back then. I can just picture the crowd of long-haired, bearded rock fans, with their tinted glasses, open chested shirts (revealing a forest of chest hair), and fists pumping with glory into the air, as Earl Slick & Co. tear things up!

The majority of the songs on Slick Trax are straight forward, triumphant 1970s rock songs, with lightning hot guitars and Bachman-Turner Overdrive recording production. A few of the songs border on progressive art rock, but the band decides to kind of balance on the fray, not really taking a full plunge into the abyss of prog metal.

As a whole, the CD offers a nice flashback to an uglier time, when sex was more free and everyone’s fashion sense was embarrassingly terrible. Earl Slick made a name for himself with his fantastic guitar work on David Bowie’s Station To Station. To be frankly honest, Slick Trax offers literally nothing new to the genre of hard rock, is nondescript, totally dated, and is completely forgettable. It’s kind of cool for background music, or if you just want to practice pumping fists into the air.

Metal Blade Records: http://www.metalblade.com

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