Double Back


Female trio Hazeldine continues to stun their audience on their fourth album with an impressive slab of country pop delivered with refreshing soul and vitality. From the absolutely beautiful opening track “Smaller” and on to the melancholically drifting “Twisted,” the girls’ amazing vocal harmonies and songwriting skills never seize to amaze and draw the listener into their world.

Musically reminiscent of the mature Emmylou Harris, Hazeldine even invites Whiskeytown’s Caitlin Cary along for the ride, which should give you an indication of their sincere and explorative approach to country music. Too traditional-sounding for the dabbling alt-country clientele and way too outstretching and idiosyncratic for the traditionalist Nashville crowd, Hazeldine deserve to be embraced by both. Beautiful, warmhearted country music, and you could do worse than check this one out.

Okra-Tone Records: http://www.okra-tone.com

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