Hed Sessions 2

Hed Sessions 2

Various Artists


As Anthony “Red” Rose once sang, it’s all about the (down) tempo. And, if you’re looking for that dark, menacing bass-throb that weighs heavily on your chest, you need look no further than this second installment of Hed Sessions. Once again, Shadow hands you the best melancholy grooves that ever nodded a head. All the usual Shadow suspects are present and accounted for (Saru, Greg Long, and Bend) inking the night sky with dark side coolness. Digital Alkemist contributes the fantastic, haunting etherea, “Sambadelic” with its tropical undertones. And one should not miss Toye’s “Banana Jazz Hip.” This is, simply put, the late-night side of cool. A near-dawn cab ride through the rain-splattered city streets. A Mitsubishi commercial waiting to happen. Everything a hipster needs to maintain image (rectangular glasses included). A CD to be appreciated and grooved to.

Shadow Records: http://www.shadowrecords.com

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