Jennifer Nettles Band

Jennifer Nettles Band



Jennifer Nettles Band play soul pop of the “urban” kind. That is, think coffee bars, shopping malls, summer fairs and festivals. Not a bad thing as such, especially not when it’s done in such an impeccable manner as these guys do it. The songs are, for the most part, good and solid, borrowing heavily from traditional soul and R&B, while retaining a smooth edge that suits this format well. It’s Little Feat meets Janis Joplin meets Vonda Sheppard, and if that’s your cup of tea, this is where you’ll find it.

Jennifer Nettles’ voice is the focal point on here, and she has a great voice indeed, full of power and expansive phrasings. However, she absolutely refuses to hold back, even for a few verses. She’s continually belting it out, and ultimately, the sheer force of her voice start to lose its motivation and presence. What should have been this band’s main asset is the very thing that detracts from the music itself, and it’s a shame, really, because Nettles is a tremendously talented vocalist. I’d love to hear her take things down a bit and to save the excessive voicing for when the songs demand it, but as for now, this is just too much of a good thing.

Jennifer Nettles Band:

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