Violent Revolution


I do not need a cause for my rage / I just despise the nature of the human race.” Yea, Kreator are back and they’re the same old merry gang they always were. Misanthropy with a penchant for symphonic trash metal, Kreator were the most idiosyncratic of the original trash bands next to the mighty Slayer, and if they weren’t as intriguing as their American counterparts, they were at least as misanthropic and uncompromising. But that was then.

These days, Slayer are a bunch of old has-beens constantly rehashing old tricks, and Kreator look to be heading the same way. Although there are the odd track like “All of the Same Blood” to keep things vaguely interesting, most of this is a dull and overlong reminder of what once was. On “Ghetto War” they even resort to standard metal boogie riffage, which is just plain sad. No, really. I was pretty optimistic when I first put this in the player, but Violent Revolution is just another nail in the coffin of trash metal.

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