Krescent 4

Krescent 4

Krescent 4


The progressive metal-meets-modern alternative heavy rock of Michigan based quartet, Krescent 4, has much more in common stylistically with The Cult, Soundgarden and — to go way back to the ’70s — guitartist Robin Trower’s early solo albums than with the many clone rock bands (i.e. Nickelback and Creed) currently saturating the radio airwaves. Vocalist Stimy (Note: Unless you are Sting, get a last name) in particular pays homage to both Ian Astbury and Chris Cornell with his deep, baritone vocals that — thank god! – sound nothing like Eddie Vedder. This self-titled EP is a nice five song sampler giving the listener a pretty good idea of the range Krescent 4 is capable of. “Shift” is a Sabbath-worthy metal epic verging on stoner rock, while “Lost Cause” offers an mix of Alice In Chains and “Tales of Brave Ulysses.” It is a fairly potent mix, to be sure. A total departure from the four bass-heavy rockers is a piano insrtrumental, “All My Love,” which closes this fine EP with a gorgeous classical feel. Check out their Web site for more information on this aurally exciting band.

Krescent 4: http://www.krescent

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