Miguel Migs

Miguel Migs

Colorful You

Naked / Astralwerks

That’s right: el caudillo de casa is back, and you’d need one powerful shovel to dig as deep as Miguel Migs’ house. In Colorful You the soul just oozes out of your speakers like butter and covers you with too much good feeling. Migs brings the full power of the San Francisco sound with deft skill and a host of immensely talented crooners. It’s a silky glide through the calm night skies. This is a beautiful combo of house and R&B, and, like the 2-steppers MJ Cole and Artful Dodger, Migs is more soul than the current crop of “gangsta” rap-influenced R&B folks out today. The music is creamy, the vocals are smooth, and the beats are incredibly catchy, wrapped in the protective coating of lush synths and charming melodies. Colorful You is a late-night, seductive escapade deeply intoned with the tender side of amour.

Naked Music: http://www.naked-music.com • Astralwerks: http://www.astralwerks.com

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