Neva Dinova

Neva Dinova

Neva Dinova


Coming across like a folksy Omaha-bred Radiohead with Bono on vocals, Neva Dinova are part of the Midwest-explosion that takes in not-so-similar bands like Bright Eyes, The Faint and Mayday. And production-help from A. J. Mogis — the omnipresent force in Omaha’s musical climate — only serves to strengthen those particular ties.

From the stunning “Dances Fantastic” to “Brooklyn” — the latter one a chilling tale told over a contrasting bright and bouncy melody — Neva Dinova reference everyone from Omaha’s sadcore champ Simon Joyner to old gents The The. Lush and disturbed in tone, Neva Dinova avoid easy categorizations by constantly challenging their own sound and by expanding the parameters of their music.

Formed close to a decade ago, this is Neva Dinova’s debut effort — and what a stunning debut this is. Fully formed and always challenging, Neva Dinova have made the soundtrack to the coming seasons on this close to unmissable album. Mesmerizing, and then some.

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