Parker And Lily

Parker And Lily

Here Comes Winter


It’s hard to be slow. Dumb kids with skateboards can play really fast (and really well, sometimes), but very few bands attempting to kick over the metronome and play out their measures in jumbo slices actually succeed. The Velvet Underground is responsible for originally tilling the field, but it’s hard to deny the variety of fruit the patch has yielded — Low, The American Analog Set, The Cowboy Junkies — and now Parker And Lily.

This, their second outing, is nearly indistinguishable in styling from their previous album, Hello Halo. Still in place are the hissy Casiotone drumbeats, the casual electric piano, and Parker Noon’s delivery, which is somewhat reminiscent of a 3am taxi dispatcher singing into the radio trying to stay awake, and not doing a very good job. Lily Wolfe will occasionally chime in a clear backing vocal, or a leading turn, as in the quaintly bossa “Apartment Complex” or the angelic free-fall of “For C.I. (Iowa is Passing Me By)”. The contrast between the two is often tension without release, but that works here. This is the sound of time to go but not wanting to leave. The dragging of feet of the soul. Procrastination put to music… but don’t put off giving this a listen.

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