Sad Like Crazy

Sad Like Crazy

Populist Octopus


Imagine a folksy crossbreed of Guided By Voices and Pavement, and you may think of something along the lines of Sad Like Crazy. On Populist Octopus, this Texan threesome offer up a stew of archetypal indie rock played with power-pop’s loose and charming approach. It’s all pretty sloppy, in the best possible way, and they do the occasional hoedown indie folk, such as on the very fine “Too Much Light.” So you know what to expect, then, only you’d never guess how good it’d be.

From the shuffling “Mess With Your Head” to the piss-taking rock n’ roll that is “Up the Academy’s Ass,” Sad Like Crazy demonstrates a versatility and playfulness that’s entirely unique and highly entertaining. Going from the tormented to the devil-may-care at the drop of a dime, Sad Like Crazy are never dull, always on the move. Worth checking out for any fan of college indie.

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