Salvo Beta

Salvo Beta

Evil Against Evil: The Kids in the Neighborhood Grab Their Bats and Remix Abrasive Stuttering

Some Odd Pilot

Salvo Beta’s Abrasive Stuttering album delivered on the promise (or threat) of its title, often sounding as if the CD had been run over multiple times by a gravel truck. I would have thought it difficult to take such, er, difficult material and extract and recompose material for remixing, but it seems like several artists here have managed to do so, with surprising results.

Jake Mandell, Sutekh, and Melt-Banana stand out, each with a distinctive flavor of sonic violence. Sutekh’s hurky jurky is particularly well-suited. I imagine these are the sounds you get out an 808 in a cement mixer.

Like a photograph rendered in ASCII, it takes a bit of practice to make sense of the patterns here but it’s worthwhile to recalibrate your brain to the meta-meta fractal sound of Salvo Beta remixes.

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