Steve Almaas & Ali Smith

Steve Almaas & Ali Smith

Steve Almaas & Ali Smith


The unassuming cover art isn’t giving much away, but it will only take Steve Almaas and Ali Smith a few seconds to convince you that you’ve come across something very special. The two of them have put together such a profound, utterly sincere compilation of songs it=EDs nothing short of stunning.

The cover material may include their finest performances, and some of Almaas’ own material is less intriguing upon first listen. But even those will grow on you, and original compositions like “One Kiss at a Time” and “Mistake” are absolutely mesmerizing and on a par with the pair’s fine choice of cover songs and traditional tunes.

Ali Smith has one of the single most amazing voices I’ve encountered recently, and when she’s given free rein on a track like “Moving In Your Sleep,” the result is heartbreakingly beautiful. Steve Almaas is the one pulling most of the weight on here, but it’s the magic between the two that makes this recording such a profound experience.

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