Theory Of Ruin

Theory Of Ruin

Counter-Culture Nosebleed

Escape Artist

With one foot planted in aggressive post-rock and the other in the so-called “No Wave” — broadly speaking, that’d be post-hardcore influenced by bands like Joy Division and Gang Of Four — Theory Of Ruin serve up anguished, haunted post-punk with the force and expressive attack of Fugazi and Minor Threat. “Missives on a Recurring Theme” is a slab of heavily pounding new wave, “Profiteering” offers disturbed post-punk, while the 13+ minutes long “Blasted” may be too personal for most of us to actually get our heads around. And it’s all good and wildly innovative. Theory Of Ruin prefer their crossbred hardcore with a chilled, clinically detached ring to it, and on Counter-Culture Nosebleed, they effectively set about proving that that’s how the rest of us would want it too. Convincing and brave.

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