A crushing four-track display of power from screamcore-kids Unearth, attesting to their weird hybrid of furious hardcore and guitar shredding. Invigorating and madly grinning, for sure, but Unearth do tend to lose both power and impact when they offer their mad hardcore at the altar of technical proficiency. “The Charm” is a particular example of a track that tips well over into shred metal territory, and although speed-metal infused punk may theoretically be an intriguing prospect, this EP at least testifies to the opposite, and too much stomping, grinning power is lost underway.

A somewhat schizo affair, if anything, Unearth still show an admirable will to experiment and to broaden their musical scope. But until they manage to incorporate their various sounds into one meaningful whole, this seems to indicate richness on ideas but confusion with regards to what to do with it all.

Eulogy Recordings: http://www.eulogyrecordings.com

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