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Stroke 9

Rip It Off


Is that the Jerry Harrison producing? Of Talking Heads? Woah, there’s a career low-point if ever there was one. Third album from Stroke 9 and they’re really warming to the bland “modern” rock – as in Train, Dave Matthews, Matchbox 20. Yeah. In all honesty, there are a few fairly decent things on here to ensure it’s not a totally unpleasant affair – but they’re definitely pushing the limits now.

From the bland radio rock of “Just Can’t Wait” and the Bon Jovi-sized Zippo ballad “Anywhere” to the sub-Diane Warren “We Were Wrong” and the lame-pop (that’s a genre from now on) that is “Do It Now,” Stroke 9 ensure that the listener is never surprised and that things stay on the safe, mind-numbingly dull side of things. You may want this if you think the guys in the band are totally cute or something, but really, there are much cuter bands out there. Get Justin Timberlake’s new album instead. Much better.

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