Dark's Corner

Daysprings Eternal – January 6th, 2003

We live in a world of magic. The very essence of our existence is something to stop and ponder at length, it is one big magic act. From the way the heart pumps blood through the body to the mystical gift that we possess to heal ourselves. Wounds go away. They may leave scars, but they close up, scab over and eventually flake off and blow away. That’s amazing. Simply within the fleshy componentry of this mortal life, to be able to regenerate damaged cell tissue sounds like high-tech science-fiction to me; yet we do it everyday.

It’s tough to have a completely open mind in this day and age, isn’t it? Truly, from the day that we’re shot out of a messy opening and into the bright, broad, complicated world of humanity, the programming begins. “These are the colors and the words to describe them. This is good and this is bad. School. More School. Career. Family. Retirement. Then sit back and enjoy life.” Of course, that’s the Western gift to society; Eastern cultures know far more about the importance of making choices and the need for meditation and a sense of calm in one’s spirit. Who was it that decided to create a way of living that, for the most part, we loathe? Few can say they have the enviable joy of doing what they love for a living, if any can clearly define for you what a “living” actually is. By the time that we’re old enough to join the modern workforce, we are still wet clay, but very much shaping into something resembling an American. A real slave to the rhythm.

If the internet has served one delicious purpose it’s truly the fact that information seeking has never been easier or more revealing. Once you put it all past your deductive reasonings to sniff out the bullshit from the valid, a little cross-referencing and bets on the names of known quotees, you can piece together a much more realistic worldview than what the mainstream media hands you on any given day. There are burning questions just under the radar, bubbling like lava beneath the surface of these United States, and they’re starting to find their ways into the headlines. News anchors find themselves wrapping their lips around copy about cloning companies founded by French aliens. Imagine seeing them attempting to explain a wave of water high enough to swallow a major city.

There is a change a-comin’. The world will have to decide what kind of person they’re planning to be – what team they’re going to swing for. The time of magic is here. The time of awakenings is now.


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