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An Invitation to an Accident


Let me tell you, the promo kit that came with this one was elaborate and stuffed full of fun things, like a five-by-seven glossy band photo, promo poster, press clips, reviews, blah, blah, blah, all packed nicely into a very tidy folder. Such a lovely press kit tells me several things: first, Filmmaker is a band taking their music very seriously. Secondly, their label is very intent on getting the word out on these Canadian emo poppers; and third, the fact that the band has such a proper and fancy press kit means they aspire for something greater than moderate success.

That being said, and given the type of music this is (slick production emo, in the vein of Samiam, early Jimmy Eat World, Elliot from Louisville), Filmmaker don’t really offer up any surprises: this is emocore that’s safe enough for the cheerleaders to like (a la New Found Glory), tough enough for the jocks to support (Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” was once a staple football player’s anthem), and “emo” enough for the kids with backpacks and black glasses to support. It would appear then, that Filmmaker is well on their way to stardom, that is, if they can get a crack into the mainstream via MTV2 or something. For me, I was bored off of my buns with this mediocre emo CD, mainly because Mineral perfected this genre many years ago, and it bores me that people are still even tinkering around with it anymore. I’ll use this as a sleep aid sometimes, but that’s about it.

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