Win The Battle

Sudden Death

All right! I love it when old men get together to make what they consider to be “punk rock.” Great. I was fully prepared to wipe my butt with this one by the end of the first song, but that would have been a bad move. There’s something here, a special something, almost indefinable, that makes D.O.A. enjoyable, even 25 years after their original forming. I think it’s the same special something that makes people like Mötley Crüe: we know how corny and generic their music is, but there’s so much sassiness and spunk there, that liking the music is almost impossible!

Same with Win The Battle! I know I’m being tricked into liking this, for I really shouldn’t, as this is a total “get wasted at the bar and kick someone’s ass” record (I’ve got the edge, although I have no X’s on my hands). But when I hear songs like “Just Say No to the WTO,” I want to be a part of the crew, wearing stinky leather jackets, talking about the good old days of the scene…

Old punkers will crap their pants over this record. It’s really amazing how these old men can sound so fresh, and still make music that actually sounds alive! For those of you who haven’t heard D.O.A. (which seems impossible), they play gutter trash punk and the lead singer sounds like a wino who’s being taunted by onlookers. I can’t believe it, but this record is fun, cool, rockin’, and I highly recommend it to punks of all walks!

Sudden Death Records: http://www.suddendeath.com

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