Denison Witmer

Denison Witmer

Philadelphia Songs

Burnt Toast Vinyl

Denison Witmer’s third full-length release is a lovely tribute to his hometown Philadelphia, not only in music and words, but by the absolutely beautiful packaging as well, featuring images shot by Brady Sanders. Witmer’s work is, as ever, so unassuming it’s hard to actually register it at first listen, and one does miss some jars and confrontation from time to time. However, repeated listening will reveal a richly textured and subtly crafted album, with songs that will creep up on you, and will make more sense and profound meaning with time and effort. The album’s theme is love in its various guises, seen through the eyes of Philadelphian residents. Witmer’s storytelling is intriguing and spot-on, and far more expressively battered than his music. Clocking in at a measly half an hour, it may be over all too quickly. But with songs like the amazing, country-tinged “Stations,” who’s counting the minutes?

Burnt Toast Vinyl:

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