DJ Sammy

DJ Sammy

The Annual 2003 – America

Ministry Of Sound

Shock revelation: DJ Sammy couldn’t DJ to save his life. Okay, fine, it’s neither shocking nor revelatory, but still worth pointing out for anyone who might have thought that this compilation (yes, “compilation” — it doesn’t deserve to be called a mix CD) could be one to balance skilled DJing with a blend of anthems and more progressive cuts. On the contrary, it’s crappily mixed dance-pop, the first disc covering the housier side of things and the second tackling (you guessed it) trance. And no, tacking a Sasha track on the end of a bad set of tunes doesn’t save them from mediocrity.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from Ministry Of Sound — it’s almost unfair to review America as a dance CD, because it’s not. It’s part of a finely tuned pop machine that spews out dozens of compilations every month (Amazon lists 208 Ministry-brand CDs for sale, and that doesn’t cover all the regionally specific MOS releases). There are chart smashes aplenty here, rammed into each other with absolutely no mixing finesse. And that’s what a Minstry Of Sound CD invariably is — so I guess this disc succeeds in what it set out to do. The most depressing part? It’s bound to sell a million copies.

Ministry Of Sound:

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