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Martians Go Home / Parasol

Shoegazing drone-rock from former members of Hum and Love Cup — and if you’re familiar with those bands, you’ll know what to expect on here. Glifted look to the British post-punk, Madchester and acid explosions for inspirations, drawing heavily on Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Swervedriver and Death In Vegas, but repeatedly fail to actually live up to the vague musical terms they establish for themselves. Kudos for trying to do something different, but when the music continually refuse to go beyond a sloppy mumble, it all seems a waste of obvious talent. The songs may have something going for them, but they all take on the form of sketches that disappear without having accomplished anything. Glifted seem unwilling to follow their ideas through to their conclusions, and the album suffers fatally as a result of that.

Parasol Records:

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