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Vampire Nation



I think this kind of music supposed to be referred to as “ambient” or “ethereal.” All I know is that it’s terrible, and I want my 40 minutes of time back that I wasted on listening to this turd.

The “music” here is essentially a bad Casio keyboard dance drumbeat, with lots of weird, pseudo-spooky noises, and voices in the distance. Yawn. Occasionally there’s some bongos or other percussive instrument, but the attempt to make the music sound “worldly” is there.

When I was younger, this is in the late 1980s, my dad had this friend named “Jim” who was an ex-hippie turned businessman, and I though it was so cool that he listened to The Cure (he owned Disintegration). What I didn’t realize at the time was that he was also really big on Edie Brickell, World Party, Enya, and Yanni. This Vampire Nation CD would be right up his alley. I can picture former hippies everywhere, with their somewhat burned out, somewhat wise visages, bobbing their dumb hippie heads to the music on Eternal. This one is only for the middle-aged hipsters/hippies, who just like to “feel the groove, man.”

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