Meres Of Twilight


You know how you can listen to something in one context and it doesn’t register at all, and then you hear it again and it sounds like the greatest thing in the world, and then the next time you hear it it just sounds pretty but not really world-beating, and then the next time you hear it it sounds like Sigur Ros crossed with early R.E.M. with a little bit of Jay Farrar thrown in (especially the opening track “In the Warmth of Meanings Redefined” and “Desert Age,” also “Shipwright”), but then you hear it again and it reminds you of Bends-era Radiohead (“Barrierbarrierbarrier,” “Have Faith,” “Young Adults”), but then the next time you’re struck by how Tortoisey it sounds (“Earthing”), but the next listen through you are just really impressed by the songs that sound completely original and crucial (“We Will Write,” with its overdriven rawk opening, and “Seats,” which is ominous with a capital O), and you just decide that it’s a really good record with some obvious influences by some really good bands?

Well, that’s this record in a nutshell. The lyrics don’t look like much on the booklet, but they sound a lot better than they read, which is meet and just. The slow-soft-gentle/burst-into-controlled-violence pattern of most songs isn’t original with them, but they pull it off with mysterious aplomb and some loud-ass freakin’ guitars, which is also meet and just. Kimone: a group to watch. Meres Of Twilight: a record to hear.


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