Liar’s Academy

Liar’s Academy

Trading My Life

Equal Vision

This is a four song EP of powerful, driving-melodic-emocore strong-anthem rock. This is just the right tempo of rock to pump a triumphant fist to, and hip enough to feel “in” while listening to. Ummm… Whatever.

Anyway, the band I’m most reminded of when I listen to Liar’s Academy is the mighty Chamberlain (once called Split Lip). These guys sound identical to them, but I have to say Chamberlain was better. Liar’s Academy are more Bruce Springsteen than were Chamberlain, and that’s saying a lot about their Springsteen quotent.

OK, I’ve been assuming that you’ve actually heard Chamberlain before, and many of you probably haven’t, so the songs on Trading My Life sound like a cross between Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, Sugar, and solo Bob Mould stuff. Pretty cool, and worth the five or six dollars you’ll have to pay to get it. You’ll be able to sing along with these in under ten listens.

P.S. Some of the guys in this band were in emo stalwarts Cross My Heart and Strike Anywhere.

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