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Liberty X

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The UK TV show Popstars was a massive smash, in which thousands of British youths auditioned for a recording contract and guaranteed stardom. A group of five was picked from the ten finalists, and Hear’Say — as they named themselves — went on to sell shitloads of albums. What’s this to do with Liberty X, then?

Well, Liberty X are — believe it or not — composed of the five people that didn’t make the final run, the five finalists that were dumped. Isn’t that sad? Worse still, perhaps, is the fact that a B-grade Hear’Say — a worrying concept if ever there was one — actually have three UK hit singles to show for themselves, including one number one smash. And this very album made its debut at number three on the charts, just behind Eminem and former Boyzone Ronan Keating. Proving that eight-year olds today have way too much money to spare.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, this is just too irrelevant and bland to actually bother disliking — it’s there and it’s not going anywhere. Sure it’s manipulative, but not dangerously so. It’s Euro-pop that’ll exist in any shape anyway, and Liberty X do it neither better nor worse than most other acts out there. It’s as cheesy as fellow Brits S Club 7 and the kids will eat it up. Nothing wrong with that, they’ll grow out of it soon enough.

Liberty X:

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